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Black Sesame Balls 黑芝麻球 【Package A】 - 1 bottle (30 pcs) 1罐 共30粒
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Black Sesame Ballsbenefits /【黑芝麻球】功效 

Nourishing liver and kidney 滋补肝肾 
Promoting healthy hair 让头发变黑变浓密 
 Good source of fiber to ease bowel movement 帮助您顺畅排便
 Promoting healthy skin 美容养颜,延缓衰老
 Conserving and invigorating health of brain 帮助正在学习成长的孩童健脑益智
 Improving cholesterol level and blood pressure 降低胆固醇、降血压
 Supporting healthy bones 补钙


Details 详情

Instructions 建议吃法






  • 我们建议顾客每天吃 1-2 粒黑芝麻球,早上空腹吃一粒或午饭前吃一粒
  • 吃了黑芝麻球再喝下温水,这样我们身体会比较容易吸收黑芝麻营养哦
  • 如果有吃西药或保健品的习惯,建议隔开1 - 2个小时才服食黑芝麻球


Notices 备注


但有4 大人士不适合吃黑芝麻球:

  1. 血糖高
  2. 慢性肠炎
  3. 常性腹泻者
  4. 对黑芝麻球食材过敏者



  • 建议把开封后的黑芝麻球放在阴凉通风处,开封后请在1个月内吃完。
  • 如果无法在1个月内吃完,我们建议先冷藏在冰箱保鲜。可在早上时从冰箱取出1-2粒,午饭前服食。


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4 reviews
What's in the box

1 bottle (30 pcs) 1罐 共30粒

Customer Reviews
W*** **** **e

Bought 100% mocco. Love the taste. I drink this every morning for my breakfast, healthy drink indeed!

3 June 2023
S** **e


15 May 2023
L**** **i

I had taken two bottles of  freeze-dried gojiberry. I like the taste. I take this for eyesight preservation. Currently, this is the only brand of freeze-dried gojiberry that I can find in the market. Unlike the traditional drying method, this freeze-dry can preserve nutrients & taste of the gojiberry better. Truly recommended and definitely will repeat order for their good service and product.heartyes

30 April 2023
K**** **o

Bought black sesame from Yi Xin Kang. Good service, their product labelling has full nutrition value tables and information. Love the taste as well.heart

19 April 2023
B***** **n

Bought 100% Mocco Dark Chocolate drink. Mix with oatmilk, taste good. Love this product with no sugar added. Highly recommended.heart

11 April 2023