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Freeze-Dried Goji Berry 冻干枸杞 (Premium Grade 顶级) | net weight: 45g per bottle - Package B - 2 bottles
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【一心康 Premium 大粒装冻干枸杞】1 罐 = 45g



特点:100% 纯、香

100% 不添加防腐剂、色素、香精

100% 粒粒分明,粒粒big size

100% 口感好,色泽鲜明
















我们的【一心康冻干枸杞】拥有国际认证,如: SGS、FDA、ISO22000、KOSHER









【Yi Xin Kang Freeze-dried Goji Berry Premium Grade】1 bottle = 45g

❌We are definitely different to those normal dried goji berries



Product Features:

100% pure and original

100% do not contain any preservative, coloring, fragrance

100% premium big-sized gojiberry

100% Good taste, colour distinct


Our own freeze-drying technology efficiently retains active nutrients

Storage method: Keep in dry condition


Our Goji Berry originated from the Ningxia, Zhongning, deemed to have health preservation effect:

✅Improving eyesight

✅Improving blood sugar, lowering blood lipid and blood pressure

✅Protecting liver

✅Improving sleep quality

✅Hematopoietic effect, which can improve anemia

✅Beauty preservation, anti-aging effect

✅Nourishing Yin and the "qi" of kidney


Our freeze-dried Goji Berry has international certifications, such as: SGS、FDA、ISO22000、KOSHER


✨It is advisable to consume 7-8 gojiberries directly per day

✨It could be used in our daily cooking as well, such as making soup, porridge, stir-fry etc.

✨Pure and strong wolfberry sweet taste

✨Very suitable for adults, children, and elderly people


Details 详情









Instructions 建议饮用


  • 开罐直接吃,免清洗
  • 建议1天7-8粒如果有吃保健品或其它西药的习惯,需隔开1小时吃




Notice 备注

















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6 reviews
Customer Reviews
S** ***g


16 February 2024
J*** **g

跟一心康又买了 8 sets 冻干枸杞礼盒。送给顾客及家人。他们都说礼盒很漂亮,从没看过粒粒鲜艳又fresh的冻干枸杞 heart 个人也觉得送礼很特别,超体面

30 January 2024
H* **** ***n

刚收到一心康礼盒。父母很喜欢,他们没看过这样的冻干枸杞,也比较干净卫生。适合放在菜肴一起吃。过几天再来下单送顾客,谢谢商家的good serviceheartheart

8 January 2024
P**** **e

This is my second purchase, this time bought 4 bottles. My whole family loves it so much. This freeze-dried goji is different from the usual goji in the market. Thanks for giving out blueberry sample. heart

24 December 2023
H* **** **n


4 December 2023