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Who Are We? 我们是谁?
Yi Xin Kang is one of the leading companies which provides healthy supplement products to public. We have been founded and established since 2020. Since then, the company has been growing every day. We strive our best to educate and introduce healthy food and drink in daily diet.


【一心康】冻干枸杞 Freeze Dried Gojiberry
Customer Reviews
E**** **n

Bought black sesame ball from this seller. Taste good, less sweet. My constipation issue improves after taking this product. heart

18 September 2023
W***** **m

Tea is good, nice aroma. This product is good in reduce heatiness in body. Will repeat purchase later. heart

11 September 2023
C**** ***g


4 September 2023
S***** **e

A repeat purchase for this product. Previously bought freeze dried goji 45 gram. This freeze dried goji is very much different to the one seen in the market. They are big and beautiful, and will not clump together. Most importantly, we can eat directly without rinsing. My kids love to eat. heart

28 August 2023
K*** **** **n


21 August 2023
L** *** **h

这家的黑芝麻球味道很香。一心康服务好,已回购几次,有看到baby hairs长出来,值得购买❤️

16 August 2023
P**** **e


8 August 2023
L** *** ***g

I brought this product a month ago. After consume this product a month later, found that my eyesight problem had been improved. I also realised that my sleeping disorder issue had been reduced. Will buy again once had finished consume this product. ❤️

2 August 2023
W** **** ***g

Fast delivery service. Nicely packed as well. The goji berries are fresh and is different from what we usually see in the market. Thanks for free gift for a goji puree sachet to try.heartyes

26 July 2023
B**** ***w


19 July 2023

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