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  1. In order to be the part of “Yi Xin Kang (YXK)” member, customer is required to sign up a new user ID in our website (

  2. Only YXK member can enjoy the member privilege, which is to participate in point collection and redemption programme.

  3. The company reserves the right to reject or terminate membership without prior notice and without assigning any whatsoever reasons and the customer shall have no claims whatsoever against the company.

  4. For any change of personal information, YXK member must write in to inform our CRM Department by normal post or email to

  5. Please be informed that promotional information will only be sent out to YXK members. Notwithstanding the provision hereto, YXK may choose to only send out selected promotional information to different targeted YXK members and the decision by YXK shall be final and shall not be subject to any challenge.

  6. YXK reserves the right to use and utilize the database information for any marketing or promotional purposes.

  7. YXK shall not bear any responsibility for newsletters that got lost in the mail.

  8. YXK reserves the right to change any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice. Any dispute arises on the application or use of YXK membership programme shall be solely determined by YXK, and all decisions shall be final.



  1. Every Ringgit (MYR) spent at YXK website will be rewarded with one (1) YXK Reward Point (RM1.00 = 1.00 YXK Reward Point). It is expressly provided that YXK Reward Points will be rewarded on the actual and nett amount payable in the total bill after deducting all the cash voucher, gift voucher, discount voucher, instant rebate or any other form of promotional offers. During seasonal promotion, YXK reserves the right to not reward any YXK Reward Points, or the YXK Reward Points may vary from time to time depending on the promotional reward rate. [e.g. A customer purchased YXK products at the total amount of RM600.00. After deducting the cash voucher of RM100.00, the actual and net payment is RM500.00. There will be a 500 YXK Reward Points awarded.]

  2. YXK Reward Points will be awarded only after the website delivery order is completed.

  3. YXK Reward and Redemption Programme is only applicable for all YXK members who make any purchases at YXK website only.

  4. YXK Reward and Redemption Programme is not applicable in offline retail stores or any other online platform i.e. FB, Shopee, Lazada, PG Mall and so on.

  5. All points accumulated from January 01 till December 31 every year will valid until December 31 of the same year.

  6. In the event of YXK Reward Points expiration for any reason whatsoever, all accumulated YXK Reward Points shall lapse and shall be deemed to be of no effect and the member shall have no claims whatsoever against YXK.

  7. YXK Reward Points earned are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash or other items.

  8. YXK Reward Points earned are not transferable and/or assignable to any other person(s).

  9. YXK reserves the right to forfeit any member’s YXK Reward Points in the event that the accumulated YXK Reward Points are suspected of being fraudulently recorded, recorded in error or related to a transaction which has been cancelled or where a refund has been given without prior notice. Any decision by YXK shall be final and shall not be subject to any challenge.

  10. The following items are not entitled for YXK Reward Points collection:

  • YXK gift vouchers, cash vouchers, discount vouchers, instant rebate, gift coupons

  • Goods return/exchange

  • Delivery charges

  • Service charges

  • Malaysia Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  • Stamp duty & easy payment interest

  • Events Promotion

*Any other items as prescribed by YXK at its sole discretion from time to time.

  1. YXK reserves the right to suspend or terminate the programme at any time it deems necessary and shall not be responsible for any unutilised reward points by the members. In such a case, the company shall give an advance notice to members in the manner it deems appropriate.

  2. YXK reserves the right to change any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.



  1. YXK Reward members can redeem their accumulated YXK Reward Points as an instant rebate to the total bill subject to terms and conditions prescribed by YXK from time to time. Only valid members with sufficient points are eligible for YXK redemption programme.

  2. The redemption rate entitlement is solely determined by YXK and its decisions shall be final and no further correspondence will be entertained. YXK reserves the right to change, cancel or suspend the redemption and point redemption programme during the promotion period.

  3. YXK Reward Points will be deducted automatically after each redemption. All YXK points will remain valid in the membership account until its expiration date.

  4. Members shall utilise all the YXK Reward Points before its expiration. All expired points will lapse and shall be deemed to be of no effect. Any request for redemption after the validity period will not be entertained.

  5. YXK reserves the right to refuse the redemption of YXK Reward Points, if suspected that YXK Reward Points were fraudulently accumulated by the member, or recorded in error, or related to a transaction which has been cancelled, or where a refund has been given, or whatsoever reason that YXK deems appropriate.

  6. Only YXK members with valid existing membership and sufficient YXK Reward Points are eligible to YXK redemption programme.

  7. For every 100 YXK Reward Points collected, customer is entitled with RM1.00 cash voucher and can be used to deduct from the total amount payable in the next online website purchase. [e.g. A customer has existing 600 YXK Reward Points in the system. The customer shall utilise these reward points and convert into RM6.00 to be deducted in the next spending in YXK website.]

  8. YXK reserves the right to change any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.



  1. The process of applying YXK membership may involve the collection of the data and information (“Personal Data”) about the applicant in the purpose of membership registering and the Company services monitoring and improving purposes.

  2. The failure to provide such Personal Data or if such Personal Data is not satisfactory to the company, will result in the failure of the membership application.

  3. YXK treat and view every member’s Personal Data seriously. Personal Data provided will generally be kept confidential and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.



A. 会员制度

  1. 凡在一心康官方网站 ( 注册新用户会自动成为一心康会员。

  2. 一心康会员可享有会员福利及参与奖励积分及回扣计划。

  3. 本公司有权在任何时候终止该会员制,而无需预先通知和提供任何理由,该会员不能对公司有任何的诉讼。

  4. 若会员需要更正个人资料,可以电邮一心康客服,电邮地址

  5. 只有一心康会员方获得由一心康提供的促销资讯。公司有权利选择性把促销资讯传达于不同组别或特定的会员,而公司的决定是最终的决定,不能受到挑战。

  6. 一心康有权使用会员资料作为市场营销用途。

  7. 一心康将不会对任何在邮寄过程中所遗失的信函负责。

  8. 本公司有权更改及修改以上条款与细则的任何内容,而无需另行通知。如有任何一心康会员制的申请及使用方面的争议,将以本公司之决定为最终决定。


B. 奖励积分计划细则

  1. 在一心康官方网站消费,每一零吉都可获得一分奖励积分(RM1.00 = 1.00奖励积分)。分数的累积是经过扣除现金礼券、优惠券、现金回扣或其他优惠后,方以剩下的付款余额进行累积。一心康保留在促销期间更改及取消奖励分数的权力。[例子:一名会员消费600令吉,在扣除现金礼券100令吉后,所剩余的付款余额为500令吉。该会员将获得累积500.00积分]

  2. 在一心康官网上的交易,会员只有在运输送货完成后才可获得积分。

  3. 一心康会员只有在官网下单采购才享有奖励累积和购物折扣。

  4. 奖励积分计划不能用于任何线下采购或是其它线上购物平台,如:FB, Shopee, Lazada, PG Mall等。

  5. 每年从1月1日累积至12月31日的奖励分将有效至当年的12月31日。

  6. 会员在无论任何理由被终止后,包括如会员籍逾期、或累积消费不满指定消费额,该会员所累积的奖励积分也将在会员籍逾期当天被删除或永久失效,该会员不能对公司有任何的诉讼。

  7. 除了一心康所指定的产品或回扣,奖励积分并不可随意兑换成现金或产品。

  8. 一心康奖励积分是不可转让或由他人替代。

  9. 如果发现怀疑虚报分数、记录错误分数、交易被取消或已退款的分数,一心康有权利扣减会员奖励积分的余额,而公司的决定是最终的决定,不能受到挑战。

  10. 以下产品不包括在奖励积分计划内:

  • 一心康礼券、预付卡、现金礼券、优惠券、现金回扣

  • 退换/兑换产品

  • 运输费

  • 服务费

  • 马来西亚消费税 (GST)

  • 印花税与easy payment interest (轻松付款利息)

  • 促销活动/展销会


  1. 一心康有权在必要时暂停或终止奖励积分计划。一心康将会预先通知会员及以适当的方式处理。

  2. 本公司有权更改及修改以上条款与细则的任何内容,而无需另行通知。如有任何一心康会员制的申请及使用方面的争议,将以本公司之决定为最终决定。


C. 奖励积分即时回扣计划

  1. 一心康奖励积分即时回扣计划里,会员可使用所累积的奖励积分于其消费总额上进行即时回扣,唯需符合公司随时所指定的条件。会员需有足够的可用积分方可进行积分兑换计划。如果积分不足,将无法使用即时回扣。

  2. 奖励积分所能回扣的数额将由一心康拟定,并属于本公司的最后决定,一心康一律不受理任何投诉。一心康保留在促销期间更改、取消或暂停即时回扣及积分兑换计划的权力。

  3. 即时回扣后,该积分将会自动扣减。剩余的奖励积分将继续保存于会员账户里,直至有效期限结束为止。

  4. 会员必须在有效期限内将奖励积分使用完毕,所有逾期的奖励积分将被删除并永久失效。一心康一律不理会所有涉及逾期奖励积分的请求。

  5. 一心康恕将不会对奖励积分结存通知函寄失或因邮寄服务延误以至信函逾期寄达的事件负责。如果一心康怀疑奖励积分有虚报成分、记录出错或拥有其他可疑理由,一心康一概有权拒绝进行即时回扣。

  6. 只有会员籍有效的会员才可参与一心康奖励积分即时回扣计划。

  7. 在一行康官方网站消费,每获得100奖励积分都可兑换1零吉(100奖励积分 = RM1.00)。奖励积分的累计可用于扣除下一次的采购的总额。 [例子:一名会员累积了600奖励积分,那么在下一次的采购中,会员可兑换RM6.00 并用于扣除总额。]

  8. 本公司有权更改及修改以上条款与细则的任何内容,而无需另行通知。如有任何一心康会员制的申请及使用方面的争议,将以本公司之决定为最终决定。


D. 隐私保管政策

  1. 一心康会员籍申请将涉及个人资料的搜集,以作为注册会员籍,管理及提升本公司服务素质的用途。

  2. 资料不足或填写虚伪资料,将导致会员籍申请失效。

  3. 一心康尊重并保护会员所提供的个人资料,并将确保所有个人资料获得保密,同时在处理过程严格遵循个人资料保护法条款。