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Wild Blueberry Puree 野生蓝莓原浆 1 Box
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【Truly's Wild Blueberry Puree Juice】
❌ We are not an ordinary blueberry juice
 Premiumly selected from forest wild blueberry
 Whole fruit is ground to fully retain the nutrition
 Natural, simple ingredients without any preservative, coloring and flavouring addition
 Pure and rich


Benefits of regularly consuming wild blueberry:
✅Protect Vision
✅High Antioxidant, Scavenge Free Radicals
✅Improve immunity
✅Prevent brain cell aging and engance memory
✅Prevent cardiovascular diseases
✅Promote strong bones
✅Promote skin health and beauty


✨Recommended Serving Size: Children 1 sachet per day/ Adult 2 sachets per day
✨Pure and strong wild blueberry taste, slightly sour

✨Consume Method: Tear open the sachet and drink directly
- Mix into smoothies, yoghurt, cereal meal
- Drizzle into salad or bread topping
- Add into honey drink


【Truly's Wild Blueberry Puree Juice】 is definitely quality assurance and we have food certifications such as: HACCP, ISO9001, HALAL

In addition, our company also did a food test in the local ISO Food Lab
The report shows that our puree does not contain:
❌Heavy metal
❌Harmful bacteria and microorganisms




【Truly's 野生蓝莓原浆】1盒 = 20袋
精选来自大自然的馈赠 - 纯野生蓝莓


【Truly's 野生蓝莓原浆】来自中国最北端大兴安岭原始森林。


✨建议分量: 小孩1天1袋/ 成人1天2袋
✨味道: 浓、香醇,纯野生蓝莓味

✨饮用方法: 撕开袋子直接喝,省时省力!
- 拌入冰沙、酸奶、谷物饮料中
- 撒入沙拉或面包配料
- 加入蜂蜜饮料


【Truly's 野生蓝莓原浆】拥有食品认证,如: HACCP、ISO9001、HALAL
此外,我们公司也拿这产品在本地MyTest ISO Food Lab做了食品安全检测

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1 reviews
Customer Reviews
S** ***g


16 February 2024
J*** **g

跟一心康又买了 8 sets 冻干枸杞礼盒。送给顾客及家人。他们都说礼盒很漂亮,从没看过粒粒鲜艳又fresh的冻干枸杞 heart 个人也觉得送礼很特别,超体面

30 January 2024
H* **** ***n

刚收到一心康礼盒。父母很喜欢,他们没看过这样的冻干枸杞,也比较干净卫生。适合放在菜肴一起吃。过几天再来下单送顾客,谢谢商家的good serviceheartheart

8 January 2024
P**** **e

This is my second purchase, this time bought 4 bottles. My whole family loves it so much. This freeze-dried goji is different from the usual goji in the market. Thanks for giving out blueberry sample. heart

24 December 2023
H* **** **n


4 December 2023